Destination of Choice: Italy; Rome, Florence, Siena, Venice

We enjoyed our trip very much, thanks to your planning and tips. Italy is a really beautiful place and we wished we could have stayed longer, especially in the Tuscany countryside. The weather was a bit disappointing at times; I mean we expected some rain here and there but not 80% of the time, haha. We haven’t even had time to “process” the 700+ photos we took during the trip. Looking at the numerous photos of towers, churches and statues that Jon took, it will be incredibly difficult to identify all of them as they look the same after a while!

Oh, we also liked the hotels we stayed at. In particular, in Florence and the villa in Chiusi – they were super lovely!!

Thanks for all your help and tips for this trip. Wouldn’t have made it through as smoothly without you!

Serene & Jon