Destination of Choice: New Zealand, South Island, Self-drive

Thank you for giving us a wonderful and stress-free holiday!

En route to Te Anau, we had a faulty GPS, luckily the maps you provided and the road signs were sufficient to get us to Te Anau then Queenstown for an exchange. We forgot about your advice and landed up running low on petrol en route to Franz Josef on a pitch dark mountainous road! Fortunately, we got there all right with a couple notches of petrol left. Though the reception was already closed, they actually stuck a letter on their door to inform us that they had left our key on our room’s door. Guess that’s how safe the country is!

All in all, we enjoyed New Zealand South Island to the max! The journey was rightly paced and we could take in the sights, sounds and, in some cases the smell, at leisure. Absolutely no hiccups for all the bookings made for trips and accommodations.

Pure love goes to our hotels in the Catlins, Queenstown and Nelson! John & Joan and Johnny & Woodi are excellent hosts who made us feel right at home. Our hotel in Christchurch was located on the fringe of the quake-damaged zone of Christchurch. The hotel was clean and staff was friendly and it was a good experience to witness how badly the city was hit by the quake and the painful process of rebuilding. Thankfully the hotel’s restaurant serves good food.

P.S. We upgraded to the 12000 ft skydive and Lelia had fun ‘floating’ in the home stretch during rafting.

Thank you guys once again for this awesome memory!

Have an awesome 2013!

~ Jovian & Lelia