Destination of Choice: Switzerland, Germany Self-drive

We got back from our trip safe and sound, we had a good break and thanks always to you and team for helping us plan another successful trip, you’ve become indispensable for our annual trips.

In St Moritz we stayed in an amazing hotel, perfect service and facilities, a little expensive but what isn’t in St Moritz. This hotel was me and Chelsea’s fav of the whole trip, good call to make us take it! Restaurant selections/bookings – everything was perfect, we didn’t have one bad meal and the maps were especially helpful.

You were right, we should have rented a BMW 5 Series, I think for this itinerary, we didn’t need a small car. We got upgraded to a BMW 525 Estate for free so it was a lucky break (great for our 6 luggages!)

Our car transfers were great for both Zurich and Munich, Zurich was a very very comfortable Merc, and Munich turned out to be a large van, don’t know if you changed it but it was great, we obviously underestimated our luggage space requirements.

Till next trip!

~ Kelvin & Chelsea