In short 3 words, We’ll Be Back. The mix of nature, people, food, culture, vastness and diversity of South America means we didn’t do it justice with only a 3 weeks visit.

There were not many aspects of the region we did not like, except maybe the travelling distance between places.

Highlights included Machu Picchu obviously, but also the majestic Iguazu Falls, charming Sacred Valley, exclusive Hiram Bingham train ride and sensual tango class. The guides for all the places we visited were very helpful, we were initially unsure if we needed them, but now I’m totally sold on the important role they play to make the experience so much better.

My advice for other travellers thinking about going to South America, definitely do it, and spend more time if possible in each country and try not to pack too much in.

All the guides were fantastic, really knowledgeable and passionate about their jobs.

2 days in Machu Pichuu were perfect, both the visit to the actual site on first day and the return hike to surrounding mounts were very good experiences.

Hiram Bingham train dinner definitely must do, old school charm and made me want to do a full train trip even.

Well planned on the hotel bookings where we paid for extra nights just so we have access to the room till evenings, especially since we were hiking and all, really appreciated the chance to go back to the room to freshen up rather than set off on a transfer all dirty.

The range of activities made the trip very interesting, from physical to cultural, think we made the right choice to come while still fit.

The food options were very good, especially the more rustic homely cooking. Thanks so much for arranging the dinner at Central, was quite an experience. I thought the horse show was a little cheesy but the food for lunch was so good! Worth putting up with the horse show and shit smell.

If I could change something, it might be to reduce the flying between places i.e. visit less places or just limit to 1 country as it was really tiring.

However, I think enough flexibility had been built in the itinerary for us to take a break or slow it down whenever we needed to, so that’s already helping.