Destination of Choice: Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria

Appreciate all your help before and during the trip (especially to your team’s efforts to keep us well fed during the trip with our restaurant reservations).

Overall flow of the cities and stops were very well planned and I think made the very long trip more manageable, unfortunately I might have a little too ambitious with the length of the trip and the number of cities, felt a little drained still so maybe cut down the number of places next time.

Slovenian and Croatian nature is amazing, especially the Solcava Valleys, most beautiful I’ve seen and the Hotel there is facing this amazing glacier view that you can just stare all day at.

The lady running the place at Slovenia is amazing, speaks multiple languages, cooks great food and very homely place. The area its in is rather dull, neither city nor nature, so only good for stoning, can’t decide if her food and hospitality was worth the trip but she is such a gem.

Graz turned out to be surprising little city, very impressed with it and had very little expectations before i reached. And the area around it is actually very nice just from driving through, maybe worth a little more time.

The hotel in Split was a brilliant choice, excellent little boutique hotel in perfect location, we enjoyed this city-type hotel very much.

~ Kelvin & Chelsea