Destination of Choice: Kathmandu, Pokhara, Naudanda, Sarangkot, Nagarkot,

We just got back from Nepal last night. Just wanna share with you some of our experiences.

The entire stay was fantastic. Your partner in Nepal is very professional. It was a well paced and very relaxing trip. We have plenty of time to do our own thing. They even took us to some other places (Ghorka Military Museum & Royal Palace Museum) even though they are not part of the itinerary.

The guide assigned to us is very helpful. I had diarrhoea on the 6th day and silly me, I did not pack some medication before I left. They actually drove my hubby around Phokara to look for some pills for me. Very strong pills indeed. I got better immediately the next day and the adventure continues.

A truly memorable trip. Even before we left, my hubby was already planning the next trip there.

Thanks for your help!
~ Kiang Wee and Wahedah