Destination of Choice: South Korea; Seoul and Jeju Island

You did it again! We would like to thank you for your professionalism and reliability. Our private tour to Jeju Island and Seoul in September was an enjoyable one.

Jeju Island exceeded our expectation. We went there with an open mind after hearing mixed feedback from our friends. We were pleasantly surprised to see clear, blue skies and beautiful oceans. We walked up the 180m Seongsun Mountain and were stunned by the bird’s eye view of Jeju. We took joy in hearing the cascading waters at Chonje-Yon Waterfalls. Jeju is away from the hustle and bustle of city life and yet has stunningly beautiful resorts fronting the lovely coastal beach.

When we checked in our room at Jeju, we were allocated two tidy rooms that were on street level facing the car park. Disappointed, I sent a one sentence SMS to your attention to tell you of our rooms’ facing. Much to our delight, our rooms were upgraded to deluxe rooms the next day. You and your team quietly liaised with the hotel and gave us the surprise upgrade! It was a heart warming gesture.

Our hotel has a restaurant that serves superior quality Korean BBQ beef. Our English speaking guide also recommended us some very good Korean restaurants. We ate good Korean beef and black pig BBQ plus fresh abalone and sea food.

We were treated to the luxuriant blooms of the Maple and Gingko trees at the palace grounds in Seoul. The autumn bloom was dazzling. The changing of the guards ceremony at the First Palace was a visual treat. Seoul is one massive shopping haven.

One cannot visit Seoul and not eat traditional Ginseng chicken. Our guide in Seoul, took us to a restaurant. There was a long queue outside, but it was promptly cleared. It was a worthwhile experience to squeeze into a canteen-like restaurant and sit cross legged to taste the scrumptious ginseng chicken served in a piping hot casserole.

~ Maggie