Destination of choice: UK

I recently engaged the services of QTP as I have always wanted to visit the Cotswolds region of UK but do not how or where to begin. In the Internet age, I could of course search and plan on my own. But I find this process time consuming and often frustrating. So I decided to try out QTP. The response was quick and within my proposed budget and other specified criteria about accommodation and places of interest. Changes by me were welcomed and alternative itineraries were suggested by QTP. Safety was a prime consideration as I was traveling alone. The guides used by QTP gave me a certain level of comfort knowing that QTP would only select reputable ones. I wanted to avoid the bigger towns and preferred to visit quaint villages. My photos of that visit showed I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The tour was comprehensive enough for me to feel that I do not need to revisit this area and can move on to see other beautiful sites of God’s creation. Thank you QTP!