Destination of choice: Croatia

We have a great holiday in Croatia. Thank you so much for your arrangement. The maps in travel guide is very helpful!

Croatia is so pretty – fabulous coastal scenery, nice sunny and cool weather (we are lucky), great lodging and on top of these we have a super driver and 2 super guides.

Driver goes beyond his duties by fetching us to dinner, extended sightseeing tour on the way, google for good restaurants, careful driving… Not to mention he keeps his black Benz in tiptop condition, rushes at every stop to open and close doors for us. We were so pampered!

Guides from Plitvice Lake and from Hvar took great pride in Croatia and introduced the two places to us with much passion.

Lodging were great. We have the best home cooked breakfast for the whole journey in a pretty inn. Another hotel was luxury. We have a full sea view with balcony. Stretch of restaurants just round the corner.

Overall we give Quotient a thumbs up!