Thank you for your holiday planning, we enjoyed very much.

Dropping you a quick feedback and hope this can be useful for other travellers in future.


  • Hotel is conveniently located within walking distance from train station and amenities (grocery stores & eateries)
  • However, room/apartment seems a bit too cramp for 5 people (the extra bed took up living/dining space)
  • The restaurant in the hotel serves reasonably good breakfast but dinner is so-so and service level has room to improve (similar to other comments found in TripAdvisor)
  • So combining food + service + price, I would not recommend. Perhaps the restaurant opposite may be a better choice, but I didn’t have the chance to try.
  • The restaurant you recommended seems to be very popular and we didn’t manage to visit without reservation; so I suggest that you advise others to reserve beforehand.

Junior Pass

  • Recommend children under 16 yrs old to buy this ticket – valid for 1 year or child reaching 16 yrs, whichever is earlier


  • Good hotel; spacious, clean, and excellent location just next to Duomo – strongly recommend for other travellers
  • Visited a local Italian restaurant recommended by hotel – very good food, walking distance, less touristy but slightly pricy than others, but all-in, worth it and best experience in our whole trip
  • The guided fashion tour is not interesting for us – just walk around the streets, visit some shops and explain their products; I would not recommend for groups with children

Cross Countries Train

  • From Milan to Innsbruck, we nearly missed the train due to technical breakdown of train from Milan
  • Hence, I would recommend at least 1 hr interval


  • Good apartment – very well located within old town, walking distance to various night markets (with one just outside our apartment), food outlets (a McDonald just next door), groceries, and a downtown Swarovski shop
  • Apartment is very spacious (in fact can house 7 people), well equipped with washing machine & dryer, kitchenette & 2 toilets
  • Nordkette is strongly recommended – cable car station is easily accessible from hotel (short walking distance) or just one stop from hop-on-hop-off bus (also recommended)
  • Also recommend to stop at Seegrube (one stop before the peak) for lunch


  • Good hotel and well located in new town – walking distance to shops and restaurants around
  • Hallstatt is well recommended
  • Restaurant has moved to another location (to the old town) – didn’t visit though due to timing but sitting capacity seems quite limited
  • A frequent tourist visit is Sacher Hotel – traditional Sacher cake & Sacher chocolate power; I suppose if one has time, why not try just for experience (we actually prefer Singapore’s Awfully Chocolate 😊)


  • Hotel is well located as well, walking distance to amenities and shops
  • There is a century old restaurant next to hotel – didn’t visit though due to perpetual long queue but seems very popular with tourists
  • Christmas market @Rathausplatz is a must visit – well decorated and nice; arguably the most beautiful Christmas markets we have visited
  • Schonbrunn Palace is definitely worth a visit but must prepare at least 2 hours – be aware that there will be allocated time for the palace tour, so cannot expect immediate entry after ticket purchase
    • So in between waiting time to enter palace, can walk around the different places in the palace (there is also a zoo located within the palace!)
    • There is also a restaurant for lunch & toilet (free) – within the palace premises


  • Hotel is good; conveniently located within old town and shopping belt
  • Restaurant in the hotel serves good food, worth trying but a bit pricy
  • Worth a walk around vicinity of Grossmunster and Fraumunster Church for pictures and souvenirs

General tips for visiting toilets in train stations / McDonald – is EUR50 cents a visit and they issue a ticket upon exit, which can be offset for purchase of food/drinks, so visit toilet first before buying food/drink 😊

Hope above will be useful for others.

Happy new year!