Destination of Choice: Spain & Paris

Spain was really great! Madrid was great and my wife loved it especially SOL. The shopping was great too.

We got caught in the middle of a strike in Seville, but no worries! It was pretty peaceful. We found out it was a strike about preventing the government from cutting money for education! Seville was very quaint as we managed to really immerse ourselves in the culture. We made a day trip to Cordoba as planned and found out that it was rather freaky!! hahaha… in a good sense!

We enjoyed the train trip to Granada as I was captivated by the scenery and my wife got to watch ‘Midnight In Paris’.

Our Alhambra tour was a very educational one and our guide Marco was very knowledgeable as well as humorous. On the flip side, it was very very very cold… even for me!

I had loads of fun in Barcelona!! My wife was complaining about the confusing temperature there though. She said that one minute was cold and the other minute was hot and we needed to strip down to our tee shirts. Hahahahaha… shopping was great there too and the walk along the La Ramblas was very nice. Halal food were a plenty!!

Paris was rather drab, cold and miserly due to the rain and lack of sunshine but I get to go to the LOUVRE!!! hahahaha… It was like a very big shopping centre for my wife.. A VERY BIG shopping centre!

On the hotel side, we really enjoyed our stay at the hotels especially in Barcelona, the service was excellent!

On the whole, we really enjoyed our trip there!! Can’t really thank you enough for helping us plan for our honeymoon!

Thank you ever so much!!

~ Riza & Nadiah