Destination of Choice: South Africa, Zambia

Firstly I’d like to thank you for organising my trip, it was well organised and very detailed. The details are important for me, especially since its my first time in a new place.

My trip was divided into 3 different segments – Victoria Falls, Sabi Sabi and Cape Town. Every single day and minute was awesome! I felt like I had gone for 3 different holidays, every segment was so different. I will have to say that this is really MY BEST HOLIDAY ever, and I’ve been to many.

I am usually an urbanite, preferring cities in Europe rather than sights. And my sister was betting that I’ll be shopping-sick after a few days. To their surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed this trip, and NO SHOPPING, which surprisingly was fine with me as every day was awesome. I love SA so much now that I think it’ll be an great place to retire when I am much older.

As for my kids, what I can say, till today (almost a month after our trip) they are still talking about it. The downside to it is – they will never wanna go to the zoo again!

Overall, if I were to rate Quotient TravelPlanner between 1-10, I would say it’ll be a 9, near perfect!

I’ve also attached here a photo of us in Victoria Falls. I will definitely be back, to Cape Town (maybe for 2014), since I did not do Winelands and Garden Route this time round.

~ SL