Destination of Choice: Czech Republic, Poland

We had a really fantastic time. Prague and Krakow are really very pretty cities and we like each of them! The weather was also great, with sunny days and we had clear blue skies most of the days! perfect for photos =)

Nice choice of hotels too! Our room in Krakow was huge! It was like a Junior Suite. There was a jacuzzi bath, a big bed, a mini living room and 2 TVs. The hotel was also very kind to let us check-in early. The hotel in Prague was very modern and clean. Shumin and I loved the daily breakfast spread! =)

We also liked the 2 tours you arranged for us in Prague and Krakow. The Krakow one was really great, cos the guide knew the city really well and kept us entertained with stories throughout the tour. We especially liked Wawel castle. The tour in Prague was also nice overall and we also saw the changing of the guard at Prague castle..

But most of all, we really liked roaming about in Krakow and Prague, and like you said just getting lost in the streets and exploring the city, looking at the nice streets and buildings.

Krakow was also surprisingly beautiful. it is less touristy and the streets are nicely arranged around the square. we also liked the rich history Krakow has… after we went to Auschwitz, we also went to Kazimierz and the Pogardze Jewish ghetto the next day and read more about Poland’s WWII history.

We were also glad we took the night trains between Prague and Krakow, cos we saved time this way. we had a nice small cabin with a double decker bed to ourselves, and we could just sleep and then arrive in the city the next day.

We had an overall great experience! =)

~ Soon Wee and Shu Min