Destination of Choice: Dubai, Moscow, Athens, Prague, London, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Havana, Denver, Osaka, Seoul & Taiwan

“Seventy days — twelve countries — one round the world”.

More than just a tour;
more than just a voyage.

It is about an expedition of the soul;
it is about realization of a dream;
it is about checking off an item from the list of “Things To Do Before I Die”.

Plan? I have.
I wrote down on a piece of paper all those places I had not travelled before and would want to go at least once before I die. Then, I linked up some of them to form a reasonably smooth journey around the Globe so that it would not look like the graph of a turbulently fluctuating stock market.

Money? I have.
I realized that when I saw my savings account having some surplus, after working so hard and spending not so hard all these years.

Time? I have.
Simple –> Resign!.

Think about it: “Seventy days — twelve countries — one round the world”. It all sounded so exciting. But, how to travel from places to places, where to stay at these places, what arrangements to be made at places using unfamiliar languages, etc, etc, etc, especially when I had no more than seven weeks after tendering resignation before setting off? Some reputable travel agencies simply did not bother to follow up at all after hearing my idea.

Now that I cannot remember how I accidentally surfed into the website of Quotient TravelPlanner, all I can say is: It was fated that I was destined to enjoy this World Tour at the highest level of convenience logistically. Right from the start, the whole team from Quotient TravelPlanner was determined to make this World Tour happen as much as I did. I am especially grateful to Rufus Tan, a dedicated and resourceful young man assigned to this project, who supported me all the way, end-to-end. He took care of everything, including recommendation and booking of air tickets, airport transfers, accommodation and local day-tour itineraries, compilation of documents and documentations into one single travel pack to facilitate the entire World Tour, 24-by-7 remote support from Singapore, and more. Not the slightest frown even when I made changes to my itinerary six days before setting off and one more time again two days before embarkation, even though I had very good reasons for doing so. At Seoul, the Joint Security Area (JSA) only allowed visits on certain stipulated dates, and I had to stay one additional day in Seoul in order to be able to visit the JSA. Rufus was just one phone call away; he settled everything for me instantly.

Quotient TravelPlanner did it. Without them, this World Tour might not have been so enjoyable, if not impossible.

My compliments to Quotient TravelPlanner and Rufus!

~ Tan York Sin