Destination of Choice: Cote d’Azur, Milan, Tuscany, Rome

On the overall our trip was a rewarding (shopping and everything else in between) trip.

We really like most of the hotels chosen and especially love the one in Cannes. It’s the most charming and has the friendliest staff. The 1-day Tuscany tour was excellent.

We did not try all the restaurants and cafes recommended by you but the ones we tried are all great. Thanks for pointing them out to us. You may want to know that Osteria del Gallo in Rome has a Osso Bucco that is is lip-smackingly good!

Lastly, we really appreciate how you tried to provide a variety of suggested sight-seeing spots and activities for us to choose from. Also, it’s great how you are always so prompt and responsive in our communication during the planning process. It was very reassuring and a pleasure communicating with a professional like yourself.

~ Tracy