Destination of Choice: New Zealand

We were considering between New Zealand and Japan. Eventually after a week of evaluation and with the advice Quotient TravelPlanner, we settled for New Zealand because it was summer time there. Our only request to Quotient TravelPlanner is Free and Easy travel, no heart-stopping adventure, just plenty of time to sightsee at your own pace, do the things we like, relax, enjoy the boat rides and most importantly, eat!

Quotient TravelPlanner planned all our transportation needs in advance, from train rides to a cruise at Milford Sound and coaches. We just needed to take the confirmation number and check the bookings a day in advance. We managed to make the best of our time in New Zealand. A highlight was the free and easy slot that was given to us each day. We managed to squeeze in a City Day Tour at the last minute and enjoyed a sunset dinner up on the Gondola at Queenstown. Simply breathtaking! Seeking Quotient TravelPlanner definitely made a difference to my honeymoon, and I would definitely recommend using them as I do not want to spend time to plan. My next destination? R&R in Japan!

~ Wee Seng & Joycelyn