Destination of Choice: Tuscany, Milan, Lucerne

Wonderful architecture and countryside to marvel at, but the local people didn’t seem to quite like Chinese people. Anyway, we loved Fiesole (the restaurant nearby was the best restaurant we ate at during our trip – try their risotto with tallegio and leeks – you will never forget the food there) and we had a room to one with an amazing view of Florence.

Tuscany – Loved San Gimignano and we also went to Cortona which is one of the highest hill towns in Italy – Views were amazing and the vibe was so chill! Loved it. There were no other Asians in Cartona so the locals were all staring at us in amusement. Pisa was surprisingly amazing…. we didn’t expect to linger so long there but we actually spent a total of 4 hours just exploring those 3 buildings in the heart of Pisa. The cathedral was so beautiful and we caught the Baptistery guard “bellowing” up into the dome – he made only 3 notes but the acoustics and mix of sounds were surreal to say the least.

All the duomos were engineering works of art and climbing the duomos were one of our best experiences.

Weijian also made a “pilgrimage” to Cecchini’s butchery – so worth it. The meat was amazingly fresh and…. Cecchini himself took a picture with Weijian! He was so friendly and had absolutely no airs at all.

Our best part of the trip was in Switzerland – super clean, the people were so friendly and warm, the views were spectacular. We chose to go to Mt Titlis and we had so much fun up there.

Best, Wj and SP