Destination of Choice: Japan; Tokyo, Hakone

Sorry this is so late, we had such a great time in Japan and would like to share our experience with you.

Weijian was really psyched with the possiblity of a self-drive and I think it was one of the best part of our trip.

Descriptions in the notes were great, and I wish there were more pictures such as the entrances etc so we could recognise the places easily.

Service at our hotel in Hakone was impeccable. The room at Hakone was amazing and we had such a relaxing experience there. The private onsen was such a nice pleasure to have and there’s no better excuse than to splurge on such luxuries while on our honeymoon! Our breakfast and dinner in our room was always such a grand affair and the food looked amazing and tasted heavenly!

The drive to Lake Ashi was so wonderfully scenic and we actually stopped the car at one point to marvel at the sight before us. You wouldn’t be able do that if you were on a tour bus!

Owakudani is a geographer’s dream come true! Natural sights like these… wow.

Lake Ashi was romantic to say the least. We chose to get 1st class tickets so we were on the side of the boat with less people. This made photo taking much easier. Oh yah you must try the curry bun that is sold at the souvenir shop… it’s very good!

Tokyo was rainy and cold when we got there, but who cares right? Our mouths still water when we think about the sushi and sashimi rice bowl at Tsukiji Fish Market. We also went to Ueno Park… nice way to spend the early part of the day before you join the crowds in the central parts in the afternoon. Walking tour… oh my god that was alot of walking! Saw some interesting sights and had some experiences that we never would have gotten if we went on our own.

Thanks for helping to put this trip together for us.. we had such a lovely honeymoon!

~ Weijian & Shuping