Thank you and our Travel Operations Specialist in particular for arranging the transfer last minute. We truly appreciate the effort.

Indeed it was unfortunate as we completely missed any plan we made for London.

Perhaps later in the future, you could arrange the transfers much earlier. We personally put much of the blame to Edinburgh airport management.

British Airways could have let us checked in for our flight to London and sent our luggages after but they refused to do so. They’d rather put us on later flights.

Also, we didn’t know that our guide would be in the incoming ferry picking us up at the ferry terminal. So a heads up for this would have saved us from the worry :D

Overall, the distillery tour definitely exceeds our expectation. We are very pleased with the whole experience. Perhaps for your future clients, you could arrange for one distillery tour (this is the behind-the-scenes tour) as they’re all pretty much the same and instead arrange for warehouse tastings.

I will contact you again soon as we plan to go to west coast US for Christmas as a family.

Anyways, I and Wahyu thank you for all the arrangements you made for us for the Scotland trip. Our trip wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

We look forward to the US trip with Quotient in December.