Why Travel With Quotient TravelPlanner


There is nothing quite like dressing in bespoke. The comfort that comes from a perfect fit and the quiet confidence you gain from knowing that there is nobody in the room better dressed.

At Quotient TravelPlanner, we think of ourselves as tailors of holidays – patterns are like your holiday theme, buttons represent the pace of your trip, while flowing or racy hemlines reflect the style and sensuality of your vacation.



As with a tailor, the process starts with a detailed consultation with one of our travel consultants. Each possesses specific knowledge on different parts of the world and various styles of travel. Collectively, we cover most of the world, meeting appetites for luxury travel, whether in the form of adventure holidays, romantic escapades, family fun or corporate team-building. In creating bespoke itineraries, consultants work together with you to come up with ideas and perspectives that will appeal to the travelling party. This could be through creating convenience for specific-needs clients such as vegans and elderly travellers, or simply creating a wow factor.



The consultation will yield information such as countries you have covered or would like to visit again in greater depth, interests and dislikes perhaps a fascination with Mahler or a distaste in Miro, gourmet food of any kind or absolutely no history lessons about this or that castle, temperature preferences, whether you prefer staying in vast Neoclassical palace hotels or funky boutiques, dietary or mobility requirements, special skills such as shooting, riding or skiing.



We make suggestions to create a seamless holiday. If there are political problems brewing in Naples, we advise you stay north of Rome instead. If you prefer to shop than sightsee in Paris, we help you prioritise your time and destinations. If you like the idea of a safari, but think South Africa is too cliché, we can suggest alternative luxurious and safe safaris. And if you would like a truly exclusive experience, we will be happy to suggest and arrange it. Whether it is filming your own music video in the Beijing Summer Palace or sailing with friends on a superyacht to the Billionaire Club, we will be happy to oblige.



Our clients range from primary school teachers on a honeymoon to industrialists on a family sabbatical, with all of our tailor-made holidays benefitting from equal attention. We discover your expectations for your one-of-a-kind holiday while delivering top value to maximise your budget. Expect personalised attention for everything from transport to guides; waking up late is always an option and there is no waiting around for others to turn up. Our Travel Pack, issued to every travelling group, features dining recommendations with average prices indicated so that you can manage your spending as well.



We also add travel components to what you already have. You may have a frequent flier programme that we can route your flights to suit, a villa in Tuscany that we can include as part of a holiday, a timeshare or corporate hotel discount anywhere in the world, or an extension to a business trip. We can fly the rest of your family to join you and ensure that a reliable and safe chauffeur brings them to your door.



Just as in a good suit, there are invisible elements between the layers to create the perfect fit. Because we are a bespoke travel agency, we will route your flights to suit your frequent flier programme or land you at the location closest to your destination which may not be in the same country. We manage this with the range of cars and train lines available to the airport, cost effective flights, and transport links out of the airport which are not jammed. If your family doesn’t travel light, we select estate cars or 4x4s which we know have the luggage capacity to cope with the loads. Hotels are chosen for their design and comfort, service, attention to maintenance, proximity to  attractions and amenities, and even the quality of breakfast.



Your personalised holiday is planned to maximise the sights and experiences you want, in the style you want. This usually means that no two holidays are quite the same; your friend’s itinerary might not work for your travel dates and preferences. We take on a educating role to introduce new ideas and lifestyles to our travellers at every opportunity, but we try to be sensitive about limits. We won’t send vegans to a pig farm producing the finest corn-fed pork, but we do try to convince French wine devotees to try a Barolo, and dyed-in-the-rayon metropolites to try a taste of luxury country life for a day or two. The possibilities for your tailor-made holiday are only limited by your imagination!


To tailor-make your next holiday or to ask more questions about how we customise itineraries, simply speak to any of our travel consultants at +65 6435 0922; alternatively you can email us at enquiry@travelplanner.com.sg. We hope to help you make every holiday epic.